Top Wine Steward/Sommelier Associates degree Programs - 2023

Wine Steward/Sommelier programs prepare individuals to manage wine selection, purchasing, storage, sales, and service for a variety of establishments in the hospitality industry. Includes instruction in wine production, wine regions of the world, wine tasting, food and wine matching, service techniques, and wine program management.

While Wine Steward/Sommelier has degrees up to the Award of at least 1 but less than 2 academic years, most students study towards a Associates degree. Students major in Wine Steward/Sommelier all over the country, though the major at the Associates degree level has the most graduates in Washington. The average starting salary for an undergraduate degree in Wine Steward/Sommelier is $33,600.

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How popular is an Associates degree in Wine Steward/Sommelier in WA

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5 degrees awarded
Associates degree in Wine Steward/Sommelier makes up 0.59% of all Associates degree awarded in Washington

Top Colleges for Wine Steward/Sommelier

If you want to major in Wine Steward/Sommelier, then you should think about applying to South Seattle College! This school grants about 5 degrees at the Associates degree level in Wine Steward/Sommelier every year.

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