Public Beta is Live

I am proud to announce the public ‘beta’ launch of MyCollegePrice (  MyCollegePrice is a free service for finding college matches and comparing net costs based on each family’s specific financial situation.

There are a lot of great sites to help students find schools that would be a fit academically but there are precious few resources to help parents figure out what schools would be the best fit financially. College is a huge decision for the whole family. That’s where MyCollegePrice comes in. It is meant to help families find the intersection of academic fit and affordability.

Everyone knows college costs have been skyrocketing, but many are unaware that lots of colleges have generous financial aid programs. Even families with middle-to-upper-level incomes often qualify. I personally know several incredibly talented young adults that never applied to their dream schools because of the advertised tuition cost. In many cases those dream colleges would have cost far less than where they ended up. Not all colleges offer generous financial aid, so it is crucial to compare ‘net prices’ and not ‘sticker prices’.

MyCollegePrice users often find they can save $100,000 or more by attending a comparable school instead of their prior top choice. MyCollegePrice saves time too, enabling users to evaluate hundreds of colleges in a few minutes whereas college ‘net price calculators’ usually require 10-15 minutes PER college.

If you have a few minutes to review the site, I’d appreciate it. Please feel free to share MyCollegePrice with anyone you know that’s planning to send their son or daughter to college in the next few years.

MyCollegePrice is the result of thousands of hours of work by a small team, many of us with high-school or college-aged children. I welcome your ideas about how to make MyCollegePrice better and would appreciate your help in spreading the word.

Best regards, Bill

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