Most Affordable Colleges for Delaware Residents for 2019

State of Delaware
Middle Class Affordability Rankings™
Which colleges are most affordable for Delaware residents? The answer may surprise you.

These rankings of the most affordable colleges for Delaware residents are based on the estimated net price for a "typical" middle class family living in the state of Delaware.

Note: Net price is the actual cost of the school paid by the student and family, after factoring in merit and grant aid from the college federal programs and work study. The net prices displayed in these rankings are College Raptor's estimates.
"Typical" Middle Class Family
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Rank College Name Typical Net Price Sticker Price % Savings # Undergrads Est. Median SAT Acceptance Rate
1 University of Delaware $17,800 Image $28,900 38% 19,750 1,249 62.89%
2 Delaware State University $21,200 Image $23,300 9% 4,050 925 45.18%
3 Wesley College $25,600 Image $43,800 42% 1,446 907 61.51%
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