Top Medical Anthropology Masters degree Programs - 2023

A program that focuses on biological, socio-cultural, psychological, and behavioral factors as they relate to health, illness, medical practices, and access to health care services. Includes instruction in ethno-medicine, urban health, international health, psychiatric and psychological anthropology, aging, and health and identity.

Students who are passionate about Medical Anthropology can study up to a Masters degree. Currently, 123 students earn a some level of degree in Medical Anthropology around the United States each year. More students graduate with a degree in Medical Anthropology in the state of Nebraska than any other state. The average annual income for an undergraduate degree in Medical Anthropology is $39,900.

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How popular is a Masters degree in Medical Anthropology in NE

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3 degrees awarded
Masters degree in Medical Anthropology makes up 0.37% of all Masters degree awarded in Nebraska

Top Colleges for Medical Anthropology

If you’re interested in studying Medical Anthropology, then you should think about applying to Creighton University! This school grants approximately 3 degrees at the Masters degree level in Medical Anthropology every year.

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Careers for Medical Anthropology Majors

The highest paying career for Medical Anthropology majors is Anthropologists and Archeologists. But, something else to consider is how many job openings there currently is. A job that is in high need that a degree in Medical Anthropology can prepare you for is Anthropologists and Archeologists.

Top Paying Careers for Medical Anthropology

  1. Anthropologists and Archeologists   (Median Wage: $77,730)

Most in Demand Careers for Medical Anthropology

  1. Anthropologists and Archeologists
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