Top Urban Forestry Doctors degree research scholarship Programs - 2022

Urban Forestry programs prepare individuals to apply the principles of forestry and related sciences to the development, care, and maintenance of individual trees and forested areas within or close to areas of dense human habitation. Includes instruction in urban environments; effects of pollution on tree species; environmental design and landscaping; urban pest infestation; urban forest management; and applicable policies and regulations.

Students who are interested in Urban Forestry can study up to a Masters degree. Right now, 47 students are granted some level of degree in Urban Forestry around the United States each year. More students graduate with a degree in Urban Forestry in Louisiana than any other state. The average starting salary for an undergraduate degree in Urban Forestry is $41,500.

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How popular is a Doctors degree research scholarship in Urban Forestry in LA

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5 degrees awarded
Doctors degree research scholarship in Urban Forestry makes up 11.36% of all Doctors degree research scholarship awarded in Louisiana

Top Colleges for Urban Forestry

If you’re interested in studying Urban Forestry, then you should think about applying to Southern University and A & M College! This institution awards approximately 5 degrees at the Doctors degree research scholarship level in Urban Forestry every year.

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