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Man and woman shaking hands during Penn State Fall Career Days Fair.
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6 Potential Career Paths for Business Majors

Business is a common popular undergraduate major. A lot of different majors and interest areas fall under the umbrella of business, allowing for a diverse group of students to study it. Business doesn’t only mean contracts and negotiations—it means working together with others toward a common goal. Here are some jobs that business majors can …
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Potential Career Paths for History Majors

History is a diverse and exciting major that explores topics ranging from art and architecture to politics through the ages. Potential careers for history majors are just as diverse and exciting. Museums, libraries, schools, publications, and even federal and state governments hire people with a history degree. History is an exciting major that explores a …
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Why STEM Education is an Investment in Students’ Futures

In a world marked by rapid growth and uncertainty, the most secure thing a student can do is pursue an education—especially one that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The skills inherited from a STEM education are among the most sought after on the job market. That means that companies are always on …
What are some jobs for an economics major?
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Which Are The Best Jobs For Economics Majors?

Wondering what your job options are if you choose to major in economics? You’ll be glad to hear that there are plenty of well-paying jobs for economics majors. These are just a few of the great opportunities that you could consider: Accountant Accountants perform a wide range of duties, from examining corporations’ financial records to …
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3 Underappreciated College Majors

It happens more often than you think. Students who want to study a certain major are frequently dissuaded by their parents and relatives to re-consider. The most common reason for this is because of the perceived lack of opportunities that are available for students with that major. These are some of the most underappreciated college …
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Why Companies Like Hiring Liberal Arts Majors

Sure, everyone may say that STEM and business majors are the ones set after college. But even CEOs are telling college students that they are hiring Liberal Arts majors and that Liberal Arts majors still have an important part to play in the future job market. Mark Cuban, businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, …
We put together a list of 6 of the most popular undergraduate majors.
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The 10 Most Popular Undergraduate Majors

Selecting a major or field of study to pursue is a big part of college life. After all, it could very well dictate the career you pursue after graduation! It’s something that deserves plenty of thought. Some students know exactly what they want to study even before they apply to college. However, others may decide …