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3 More Dream Jobs and How to Get Them

What did you want to be when you were in elementary school? It’s probably not the same as now. There may just be a few “dream jobs” you considered when you were younger but dismissed because it’s just not in the realm of reality! However, you may be surprised. Here are three of those dream …
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Getting Serious about a Degree in Music

So many kids these days are musically-inclined and passionate about music-making but fail to follow through with a degree. In truth, there are very few who push music as a career. It might be considered too specific a job to find its way to the industry where multi-talent and multi-tasking is a requirement. But the problem …
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What Can You Do With A Degree In Marketing?

A degree in marketing can open doors to a wide array of exciting careers in almost every industry, from food manufacturing to information technology. Whether your strength lies in sales and marketing, brand management, or public relations, you will have plenty of options to choose from with a marketing degree. Regardless of the exact path …
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6 In-Demand Career Options For Students With a Sociology Degree

Sociology is diverse and covers topics that range from social causes and consequences, to the complex relationships between the group and the individual. Students of sociology graduate with a comprehensive understanding of sociological issues and how to develop potential solutions and improvements for the betterment of society. A degree in sociology qualifies you to pursue …
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Undergraduate College Majors to Consider to Work for NASA

Dream of working for NASA? Your undergraduate major matters if you’re going to apply to the agency after you graduate college. Engineering Engineering is a broad category and major, but definitely one you’ll want to think about if you’re dreaming of working for NASA. You have plenty of options when it comes to engineering and …
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Undergrad Majors To Consider If You Want To Be A College Professor

Becoming a college professor requires advanced education. Most universities will only consider hiring applicants with a Ph.D. to teach their classes. Very few may hire an applicant with a master’s degree but these are typically limited to assistant and associate level professors. You’ll be studying, a lot. Before considering a career as a college professor …
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Potential Careers for Psychology Majors

Thinking about majoring in psychology? It helps to know what careers are out there for psychology majors after you graduate – and those in this area of study have a lot of options! Psychology majors learn about the scientific study of individuals and collective behavior, the bases of behavior (both environmental and physical), the analysis …
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Potential Careers for Computer Science Majors

Do you love learning any and everything you can about computers? A degree in computer science might be the right path for you. There are also many different computer science career paths you can take, utilizing different knowledge and skillsets. Check out some possible careers you could have with a computer science degree! Software Developer …