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Here are our freshman orientation tips.
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4 Tips for College Orientation

Attending freshman orientation is one of the biggest steps forward towards your college career. It’s an exciting time that really gets you hyped up for your school and the time you’ll be spending there. Having a good orientation is key—both for amping you up, but also for getting the necessary information that will help make …
LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test.
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What You Need To Know About The LSAT

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a standardized exam that tests your preparedness for law school. If you’re planning on studying law, you’ll need to complete this test and submit your test scores along with the other requirements as part of your application to law school. The LSAT is administered by the Law School …
What are the differences between need blind and need aware?
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What Is The Difference Between Need-Aware And Need-Blind Admission Policies?

Every college has its own policy for how generous they are with financial aid. Who requires financial assistance to attend their program? With regards to financial assistance, most colleges have two distinct types of admissions policies—Need-aware and Need-blind. Need-Aware Admissions Need-aware colleges make most of their admissions decisions by taking into account the student’s or …
Spring admission isn't as common as fall admission, but is still widely available.
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What Does a Spring Admission to a College Mean?

While it certainly isn’t as common as being admitted in the fall, spring admissions are options at many colleges and universities across the country. Put simply, it means that students are admitted to a school for the spring semester. This is generally a smaller admittance pool. With some schools, students can indicate that they would …
Orientation is one of the student events that happens after you've chosen your college.
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Student Events that Happen After You Accept a College Offer

Congratulations! You’ve chosen your college. You may be wondering what happens next. Every school is different, but here are a few student events you can expect to happen over the next few months. Orientation  Almost all colleges and universities have some sort of orientation for students. This is usually a “getting to know you” time …
Start narrowing down college choices!
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How To Start Narrowing Down Your Final College Choices

Your acceptance letters have come in. Congratulations! But now comes the time to start narrowing down your college choices. For some people, it’s easy. For others, it takes a little while. Here are some tricks to lead you closer to your pick. Know your priorities. Start narrowing down college choices by thinking about your priorities. …

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