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Myths About “Practical Majors”

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It’s a long-standing myth that students who choose ‘practical majors’ such as business, finance, engineering, accounting, or biology, have a better chance of snagging a job immediately after they graduate. At first thought, it seems very plausible but on second thought, there are a lot of flaws to this reasoning. Hire Rates While certain STEM …

5 More New and Emerging College Majors

college majors & minors

Social Media, Nanotechnology, Game Design / Development / Programming / Writing, Computer Security and Popular Culture Studies made it to our first post about new and emerging college majors. Here are 5 more that are new and emerging college majors that hold tremendous potential. Data Science Data scientists extract insights from large data sets and use …

6 Reasons You Should Become an English Major

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It’s not uncommon to hear academics advocating for college freshman to pursue STEM degrees, claiming that these skills are the most marketable in our economy. But despite all the changes in media, education, and business, the skills that come with an English degree are both necessary and desired. So, no, you don’t have to teach …

FAQs About College Majors

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Is your future potential college asking you to choose a major in your application? Some schools require you to declare a major before you’re even a freshman or accepted, while others ask that you choose by the time you’re a Junior. If you’re not sure how to go about choosing a major or just want …

5 Reasons To Choose A Double Major

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It’s safe to say that the majority of students anticipating applying for, or about to start, college wonder what they should choose as their major. It is a critical decision, and asking an eighteen-year-old to make such a choice when it will have such an impact on their career and potential life-path is a very …