Good And Bad Reasons To Transfer From One College To Another

Should I transfer colleges, the pros and cons

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“Should I transfer colleges?” you wonder. It’s comforting to know that you have the option to transfer to another college but sometimes the reason for wanting to transfer may not be justified. Take a look at some of the reasons when it is good to apply for a transfer and some reasons that may not make the transfer worth your while.

“Should I Transfer Colleges”: Good Reasons To Transfer

  • School isn’t challenging you enough.
  • You decided what subject you want to major in, but it is not offered at your college.
  • You switched majors and there is a better program elsewhere.
  • Changes in your family’s financial resources require you to move to a less expensive college.
  • You completed your Associate’s Degree and you’re ready to transfer to a four year college to earn your Bachelor’s.
  • A change in your family’s dynamics requires you to move closer home to meet certain obligations.
  • The college isn’t the right fit for you—academically or culturally.

“Should I Transfer Colleges”: Bad Reasons To Transfer 

  • You are having problems getting along with your roommate

A better solution may be to simply request if you can change your room instead. You don’t have to switch colleges just to get away from one person.

While separation can be hard especially if this is the first time you are living away from home, it is something you must get used to. Speaking to a campus counselor may help.

  •  You don’t like the teaching staff

This could happen anywhere. Transferring is not guarantee that you will get professors you like.  Learning some strategies for dealing with students and faculty in your present college is a skill that will serve you well when you graduate and start working.

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