5 Colleges for Mathletes and Math Lovers in General

blackboard with math formulas

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Does the thought of solving complicated equations make you giddy? Do you enjoy problem-solving in your spare time? Do you have the first hundred decimals of Pi memorized – for fun? Then you, my friend, might be enamored by mathematics! There are, of course, many career options for people who enjoy math, and therefore several college majors that rely heavily on mathematics. Here are a few schools and programs that will get mathletes and math lovers into the professional world of numbers and equations.

University of California – Los Angeles, California

To exemplify the various mathematical routes you take in college, the University of California Department of Mathematics offers specializations to make sure students’ coursework aligns with their interests. The degree programs here include Mathematical theory, statistics, applied mathematics, computing: All this is represented within degree programs here. Career paths can include Financial Actuaries, Engineers, and Mathematicians, to name a few.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Cambridge, Massachusetts

What list for math lovers would be complete without at least one technical institute? MIT is considered one of the top-ranking (if not the top-ranked, it depends on what list you’re looking at) colleges for Mathematics. MIT’s math concentrations are: Applied Mathematics, General Mathematics, and Pure Mathematics. There is also a Mathematics with Computer Science degree available, which blends math and theoretical computer science for those interested.

The University of Minnesota – Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

A good Midwestern representative for Mathematics programs is the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus. This is particularly popular for those interested in mathematical research, as the undergraduates in the School of Mathematics have a whole slew of research opportunities to choose from. The university also has clubs, journals, and scholarships dedicated to math. Students can choose to do an honors thesis. Areas of study include Mathematical Biology, Mathematics (BA or BS), Actuarial Specialization, Mathematics Education, as well as prepping for Graduate studies in math and a math Minor.

Texas A&M University – College Station, Texas

Texas A&M has long made it heir goal to promote math. They have outreach programs for middle school and high school students to help maintain interest in the field. They also have programs to help better equip teachers. According to the Mathematics Department website, they have several seminars lined up for their students in the upcoming week alone! Part of the department’s goal is to develop problem-solving skills and teach versatility and adaptability. Their three degree plans – B.A. Mathematics, B.S. Mathematics, and B.S. Applied Mathematics – are flexible so that your journey through the math world fits your desires.

Marquette University – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Marquette University has a combined Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Department. This allows for more chances to do interdisciplinary work. In addition to traditional four-year undergraduate degrees, there are also five-year plans available for those who know they want to go directly into graduate-level work. At the end of those five years, you leave with a Masters Degree! The department also sponsors a Summer Research Experience for its undergraduates, offering much-coveted research experience before you get out into the working world.

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