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Should you use the Universal College Application?
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Pros and Cons of Using the Universal College App

Do one (or more) of your schools accept the Universal College App? You could save time by using the program – you may only have to do your application once to apply to the schools on your list. But should you? Or can you? Let’s review exactly what centralized college apps are and then go …
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Myth: I Can’t Apply for Scholarships During Second Semester

Did you think scholarships were only for high school students and incoming freshman? Not quite! There are actually quite a few scholarships you can apply to while you’re in college. Some of the scholarships listed below have due dates in January, designed to be applied for right during the start of your second semester of …
Start your second semester off on the right foot
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How to Start off Second Semester Right

How did your first semester go? We hope it went well! No matter the results though, it’s important to start your second semester off on the right foot. These are a few great tips for any semester though, so make sure to remember them for later years or even if you starting college this fall! …
Reconsider asking your favorite teacher for a letter of recommendation

Myth: I Should Pick My Favorite Teacher to Write My Letter of Recommendation

It’s time to ask your teachers for the letters of recommendation for your college applications, but who do you ask? Most juniors and seniors instantly think of their favorite teacher as the answer. While it may be a great choice, it shouldn’t always be the default selection. Here’s why you should consider some alternative options: …
Why are letter of recommendations so important?
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Why Are Letters of Recommendation So Important?

In addition to your high school transcripts, essay, and FAFSA paperwork, colleges will often require letters of recommendation as part of your application to the school. But why? They’re actually a huge part of the process and can provide a boost to your application. Here’s a few reasons why they’re so important: A View Into …
A brandname college may not be perfect for you, but a small college could be
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Brandname Isn’t Always Best: Colleges That Change Lives

When you’re searching for your college, it’s always recommended to do some research into which school is a good fit for you. This includes taking a close look at their majors and minors, investigating their employment rate after graduation, and checking their tuition, but it can also involve taking a trip to the university to make …
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What You Need To Know About The PreACT

Students have been told to take the PSAT for several years and was often used as a primer for both the ACT and SAT, even though the testing formats are different. Now, however, students can take the PreACT to prepare for the ACT test. Allows For Early Practice Taking the PreACT is a great way to …