Ideas For What To Include In Care Packages For Freshmen

Care packages are always welcome

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For most college students, nothing beats the joy and excitement of receiving care packages from home. It shows them that their family back home is thinking of them and gives them the feeling of renewed support and encouragement. So what should you include in the care package for your freshman? These few ideas can help.

Healthy Snacks

A care package containing healthy snacks will make it easier for your freshman student to resist those unhealthy temptations that lurk round every corner. When looking for healthy treats, look for goodies that are healthy and delicious (and mail-able).

When thinking healthy snacks to include in a care package you need to be a little creative and think outside the box. Your freshman is sure to be delighted to receive edibles such as protein bars, microwave popcorn, instant healthy drinks and home-baked goodies to snack on when they feel like nibbling on something.

Comfort Foods for When They Are Ill

Falling sick is almost a rite of passage for any freshman. The new environment, living in close proximity with so many other students, and lack of sleep lead to fever and the flu. A bowl of hot soup or a mug of herbal tea can be a source of great comfort at times like these.

Don’t wait for your student to fall sick before sending them a few comfort foods in their care package. Send them to your student in advance so they have it right at hand when they need it.

Favorite Treats

Don’t hesitate to pack in several of your student’s favorite treats for them to indulge in during those times when they are feeling down and out, stressed, or homesick. At times like these, reaching out for a favorite snack can do wonders to boost morale and help them feel more balanced.

Whether your student loves Lifesavers, Pop-Tarts, Hershey’s Kisses, or M&Ms, make sure you send them a few packs of each of their favorite items. Is mac and cheese your child’s go-to meal when they are feeling down? Make it a point to add a few packs in your freshman’s care package. They’ll feel comforted knowing it’s there for them anytime they need a quick pick-me-up.

A Few Non-Edibles

A care package to a freshman does not have to be limited to edibles. There are several non-edible items that you can include to make your freshman’s day. Keep your child’s favorite hobby in mind when shopping for non-edibles to include in their care package. For example, a scrapbooking or craft enthusiast is sure to be delighted at receiving arts and craft materials.

Hand-made cards from younger siblings and hand-written notes from other family members are a great addition to any freshman care package.

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