What Does “Overall Match” and “Academic Match” Mean on CollegeRaptor.com?

College RaptorCollege Raptor wants you to know what "overall match" and "academic match" mean is a college discovery website. We can help match you to colleges you may not have considered, or show you your acceptance odds and overall match for colleges you’re already interested in. But what do we mean by match? Specifically, what does “overall match” and “academic match” mean?

Academic Match

When you filled out your profile, you entered academic information like your GPA, your ACT/SAT test scores, and interested majors. College Raptor will automatically compare your information to the average information of nearly every 4-year college in the country to give you an academic match score. The higher your number, the better matched you are to that school in terms of academics.

Overall Match

In addition to entering in your academic scores when you filled in your profile, you were also asked about certain preferences. Do you want to attend a large, medium, or small college? Would you like to live in an urban or rural area? College Raptor will also take these factors into consideration while calculating your overall match (which does also include your academic match). So if your overall match score is high, give that college a look—it just might be the best fit for you!


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