Supplies Freshman Students Should Get Before Classes Start

We put together a college supply list so you know exactly what to buy.

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Towards the end of summer, it is time to start making your college supply list, which includes things that you need to take with you to college. Do you have your list ready yet? Don’t wait for the last minute to start working on that list and buying the things you need. Those last few days will fly by and you’ll find yourself fighting the clock as try and get everything organized and ready to go.

Your college supply list should have two broad categories—supplies for the classroom, supplies for your study space in the dorm room.

Academic Supplies

Here are some of the basic items you should have listed for academic supplies:

  • A variety of writing materials including pens, lead pencils, colored pencils, and highlighters
  • Basic stationery items such as a stapler and staples, scotch tape, board pins, paper clips, folders, loose-leaf notebook paper, glue, ruler
  • A student planner to make a note of details and deadlines of all of your assignments, homework and test dates
  • Post-It flags for bookmarking crucial pages that you may want to refer to at a later time
  • Index or flashcards to help you memorize things
  • Pen drive or USB to back up copies of your work and transfer notes from one computer to another
  • Supplies for specific classes that you have signed up for—students who have signed up for a math class will need to have the recommended calculator, while those who have signed up for art class will need to get the necessary art supplies
  • Backpack or messenger bag to carry all of your school supplies
  • Laptop case for that most important of all school supplies—your computer

Study Supplies For The Dorm Room

Setting up a study space in the dorm room is one of the best ways to stay on top of assignments and to stay motivated to study.

Here are some things you will need to set up your study space in the dorm:

  • A bulletin board and pins to pin up notes, reminders, and assorted messages. It’s hard to miss anything when you have all the reminders and notes right there in front of you.
  • A large wall calendar to make a note of all important dates, from tests to assignments, field trips, parties, and vacations. Used different colored markers or colored stickers so at a glance you know whether you have a test or a party coming up.
  • A separate set of stationery so you don’t have to worry about remembering to put it back in your school bag.
  • Power strips, extension cords, and chargers for your various electronic equipment.

Remember, these are just broad suggestions. Ultimately each student will have their own unique additions to the list depending on their hobbies, sports participation, courses they are taking, and of course their personal preferences. You can add to the list accordingly.

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