4 Digital Makeover Tips While Prepping for College

We live in a very digital age. So much of our lives revolve around the internet, and we all should manicure what we put out there that’s attached to our names and identities. While prepping for college is the perfect time to give yourself a digital makeover.

Clean Up Your Social Media

It’s no secret that college admission teams and future employers will browse a person’s social media pages. If they find something unsavory, they can / will pass you over for a another candidate. It’s all about presentation.

So go through your Facebook and Twitter to delete any less-than-wholesome posts, pictures, and videos. If you wouldn’t show it to your grandmother, it’s not worth having on your social media feed.

Create a Professional Email

We all have an embarrassing middle school email address. But now is the time to get rid of “CakeLover97” and “Sw1mK1ng”-esque emails and switch to something more professional. Maybe first name_last name, maybe your first and middle initials coupled with your last name. Here are some professional examples:

Of course you can mix and match, use underscores or dashes, just keep it professional. You don’t want to send an email to a potential future employer with the tag “XxMissFortunexX” do you?

Make a LinkedIn (and Keep it Updated)

Think of LinkedIn as Professional Employee Facebook. It’s a great place to emphasize your skills, education level, work experience, volunteering efforts, etc. You can link to other people who endorse your skills. It’s a great place to learn about companies, potential bosses, potential colleges, and have them learn about you.

Create a Personal Website or Blog

It seems like everyone and their dog has a blog nowadays, but it can be a great platform to describe who you are, show off your passions/skills, and give a first impression. If you’re going to an art school, a website is an ideal place to display your work. People googling your name will also come across this site likely before other entries, so it’s a great way of controlling what comes up when someone searches for you.

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