The Best Guide on How to Study Well for College Exams

When you start college, you feel like the exams are the most important thing in the world. Students know how important exams are and they always have that thought at the back of their minds, but they still find ways to procrastinate. Their minds can play tricks on them, so everything else will seem more important than studying on time. In those moments, students start thinking “Exams are not that important after all. Employers will look for experience.”

If you recognize yourself somewhere in that statement, it’s time for a reality check: you are wrong. College exams help you become more knowledgeable. They also prepare you to deal with stressful situations, which you’ll definitely face when you enter the workforce. Here’s how to study for college exams.

Exams Are Important!

The educational system was set up in a way that could measure students’ achievements, intelligence, and knowledge. The assessment methods may not be perfect, but we have to deal with them. Did you know that Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, had a perfect SAT score? We can’t say that studying and taking tests was useless for him, can we?

Now, the only question is: how can you prepare well for the exams? How can you get high scores without sacrificing all fun activities in your college life? We have just the tips you need.

Tips for Preparing: Always Start Early

  • How valuable is the exam regarding the final mark for the course?
  • What type of exam will it be? Will you get essay questions or a multiple-choice model?
  • Will you be able to use the book during the exam?

It’s important to know what you’re preparing for. If it’s an exam with essay questions, you can ask professional writers at Australianwritings essay service for essay help to improve your writing skills. If it’s a multiple-choice exam, you can practice with your own quizzes with ClassMarker.

Exam Week Survival Tips

At this point, time-management and motivation are crucial. Exam week is more stressful than you can ever anticipate. You need to train your brain to stay focused; otherwise you’ll crack under the pressure.

  • Google Calendar is the ultimate survival tool. Mark the dates and hours of the exams and plan how you’re going to use your time during that week. Hopefully, you’ve already covered some of the material for the exams. Use this period to recap.
  • Review your notes. If you created flashcards, use them to refresh your memory. If that wasn’t the case, try to find pre-made study sets on Quizlet.

Proper Behavior on Exam Day

  • Don’t get up too early to study on the day of the exam. You already studied. You’re ready. Wake up early, but do that for the purpose of freshening up and having an energizing breakfast.
  • Check if you have everything you need for the exam: pens, paper, ID, calculator, etc.
  • If you notice people panicking in the exam venue, avoid them. Sit down and focus.
  • Start answering the questions you know. If you start with the most confusing ones, you’ll only waste more time than necessary. Leave them for later.
  • Don’t leave if you finish early. Review the answers and make sure you did your best before submitting your exam.

An exam gives you a chance to test and show your knowledge, compare it to other students, and discover your strengths and weaknesses. Take it as an opportunity and prepare for it really well. If you stay calm and you start preparing according to a plan, you’ll definitely do well.

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