What High School Sophomores Can Do For College Prep This Summer

What can a high school sophomore do over the summer?

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Even though college is still over two years away, there are plenty of things you can start doing as a high school sophomore to prepare. During the school year or over summer vacation, here are just three examples of activities you can do.

Find a Job

Many high school sophomores are 16 or turning 16 soon. That’s the age where most students can get a job. States have specific laws of how many hours a minor can work, so it’s perfect for an after school, part-time job. Some places you may want to look for work are local grocery stores, restaurants, or retail.

If it’s something you’re interested in, take a look at your choices and decide if its the best choice for you. The experience looks great on a college resume if it’s something you have the time for or interest in.


If you don’t have time for a job, don’t have a ride, don’t have the options, or just not old enough, volunteering can be another amazing route for you. Many non-profits only request that you volunteer four to eight hours a month, but you’re welcome to work more. This is also a great thing for your college application or even your resume after graduation. In addition, it’s an opportunity to start connecting with professionals, maybe even in a field you’re considering pursuing.

To find what’s open to you, start by looking at non-profits in your area. These can be food pantries, animal shelters, community projects, and more. If you’re having trouble finding a volunteer position, try talking to your high school counselor.

Start Keeping an Eye Out for Colleges and Majors

While you don’t have to have your college list set in stone just yet, now is the time to start keeping an eye out. You may see college associates passing out information in the hallways or have the opportunity to attend open houses after school. If you hear of a school that interests you or you’ve just never heard of, take this time to research it. If

Majors should also be on your list of things to watch out for. What are your interests? What sounds like a good career for you? A sophomore usually starts to take electives, so try taking courses that catch your eye. If you aren’t allowed to pick electives for your sophomore year, see what options are available for your upcoming junior year.

While you don’t have to get too serious about college just yet, it’s never too early to start. This is the perfect time to begin looking into your future, preparing for the PSAT, and pursuing interests either in the form of a job or volunteer work. Also consider taking part in after school programs, extracurriculars, or local clubs. This will all look great on your future applications!

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