Nicki Minaj Pays the College Fees of Some Twitter Followers

Nicki Minaj on Time Magazine

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It pays to have A’s. On Saturday May 6th, Nicki Minaj replied to a tweet one fan sent her, asking the rapper for financial assistance when it came to their college education. Minaj replied:

The reply opened the floodgates as thousands of Nicki Minaj’s followers asked for help. They showed the singer their impressive 4.0s in the process. Students also asked for help with their student loans, textbooks, living expenses, and summer classes.

Nicki Minaj engaged with the lucky dozen followers, asking if financial burdens were the only obstacles keeping them from reaching a higher education. She asked about what scholarships they’d earned. What the requested money amount was going towards, and for proof of their good grades and situations.

Payments ranged from $500 for class materials, to $6,000 for tuition (including room and board expenses). Minaj has already made good on her word, verifying the 4.0s with her followers’ schools and making the proper financial arrangement with their banks.

Minaj has long been an outspoken supporter of higher education. She has always encouraged her fans—especially her young female fans—to pursue college. She ended the charitable act shortly after midnight, and signed off with:

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