Why it is More Important than Ever to Have a College Degree

Some students may not try to get a college degree.

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We are all human, and many of us tend to see the glass half empty. Students tend to get stressed after they graduate high school, because they think they won’t be able to find a good job after they are done with college. The pressure they get from a very young age, makes them want to start working as soon as possible. And once they realize they are able to survive with an easy-to-get job, they don’t keep trying to get a higher education. But this attitude doesn’t help anyone, it affects the student’s life and the country’s development.

Many jobs require you to have a college degree.

66% of existent jobs in the U.S require you to have some type of college degree, either a bachelor’s or an associate’s, in order to even consider your application, while only 36% of the jobs require nothing more than a high school diploma. These statistics certainly make you think twice about not getting a college education. Business people and companies get thousands of applications a year, from recently graduated students who aspire to work for them. In order to be a good company, the boss hires the people with the most experience in the field, the most educated man or woman is the one that gets the job. Who would you hire if it was your decision, the person with a high school diploma or the college degree?

Finding a job without a college degree can be hard.

By having a college degree, you multiply your job opportunities. It is normal for people to be a high school graduate with a regular job and survive. But what happens if for some reason they lose the job? Truth is, finding a job without a college degree is a very hard thing to do, because as explained before, companies tend to look for educated and experienced people. If you have a college degree things get easier. Losing your job won’t represent the end of your life, because you already have some experience and a degree in your favor. You’ll just have to look somewhere else in order to find another place to work at.

Who else is affected?

Your life is not the only thing affected by not having a college degree. The country and your family’s life gets damaged too. People who have a minimum wage job, do because they didn’t get a college education. Maybe they couldn’t afford it, or they were comfortable with the level of knowledge they got from high school, but in reality these jobs don’t offer as much benefits as those who require a higher degree. If you are, let’s say and engineer, who works for a good company, you may have additional benefits, such as medical insurance. Benefits that include not only you, but your family. While people who have low wage jobs, in times of sickness, have a really hard time getting the needed medicines or the appropriate medical attention, those who have a college degree and a good job have it way easier.

A country becomes better and greater because of the people that live in it, people who take care of everything that’s going on within it. A country with educated and hard working people is able to provide everyone with better infrastructure, better laws, and better systems. We all must aspire to live our lives the best possible way. Surviving must never be good enough.

So keep studying, keep trying, graduate and get a degree. You will live more relaxed knowing that you are in control of your own future. If something that wasn’t in your plans shows up, you will know you are an educated person, and will find your way through it.

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