We use data to bring transparency and efficiency to student recruitment and financial aid

College Raptor helps colleges and universities understand and use data to make strategy marketing, recruitment and financial aid decisions

College Raptor’s unique ability to match students and colleges based on academic profile, cultural fit, and estimated net price sets it apart from other online college search tools.

The underlying logic of our system enables us to partner with colleges for customized net price calculators, student lead generation, early aid estimates, automated award letter development, and competitive pricing analytics.


Our customized net price calculators are simple and intuitive for users, plus feature customized, integrated responsive design to work on all devices

Net Price Calculators

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College Raptor’s custom net price calculators (NPC) are more than just mobile-friendly tools that seamlessly integrate into your school’s website. With over 100 schools using our NPC, College Raptor’s calculator estimates EFCs in a variety of ways, helping students and parents with little, moderate, or complete financial information to receive a net price estimate for your institution.

This helps you to communicate affordability quickly and easily to students and families even if they do not have all of their financial documents readily available. By combining an intuitive interface and mobile-friendly design, our solution sees more than twice the completion rate of other calculators. Plus, nearly half of all users share their contact information, enabling you to engage with students who have a demonstrated interest in enrolling at your institution. Learn more about why schools all over the country are switching to our NPC.

Students use the College Raptor matching platform to discover which schools are their best academic, cultural and financial matches

Student Lead Generation

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College Raptor provides student leads like no other service – not only will you receive information regarding a student’s contact information, academic profile, and college preferences, we also provide each student’s estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Our data-rich leads aren’t the only factor that makes us stand apart. Find out more about our student lead generation.


Predictive Modeling

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Knowing which prospective students to target can not only help increase enrollments, but also allow you to better utilize your budget dollars and human capital. Our predictive modeling services allow institutions to develop recruitment plans that are informed by historical trends taken from your enrollment data and the competitive landscape. Learn more about how to make your recruiting efforts more efficient and increase your ROI.

Students and families can instantly receive automated award letters generated by College Raptor from integration with Net Price Calculators and other technologies

Financial Aid Leveraging

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With limited scholarship budgets, appropriately awarding students to hit net tuition revenue targets and shaping the class is critical. Learn how College Raptor uses its tools to move beyond the traditional financial aid cells to increase your aid package’s value to a student and their family.

Provide earlier price estimates for prospective students to overcome price sensitivity and sticker shock


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FinanceFirst is College Raptor’s early estimation tool that provides a personalized EFC estimate for any prospective student in your database. Thanks to this tool, you can better leverage your institution’s value proposition and make sure your student marketing is appropriate to their situation. Find out more about this unique service.

Our tools and data can help guide strategic decisions for your campus


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The competitive landscape of student enrollment is increasing at every stage. College Raptor’s InsightFA provides institutions a tool to inform better awarding strategies and stay one step ahead of their competitors. Discover how we can help fine-tune your awarding to yield better results.


Wisconsin Lutheran College Case Study: College Raptor’s Predictive Modeling and Financial Aid Leveraging guided a strategy that refined WLC’s approach to get more students to campus.

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