Predictive Modeling

Target with precision, prioritize recruitment efforts, and maximize efficiency. College Raptor’s ground-breaking predictive modeling service harnesses the power of advanced AI combined with your historical data to improve your recruitment efforts.

Better data = deeper understanding

Good data is the foundation of successful predictive modeling, and College Raptor’s proprietary algorithms incorporate more significant data points than any other service available today. We analyze your historical information and then go beyond to include student-specific college fit scores that help you understand your prospect pool and target the students most likely to apply and enroll.

Net price consideration

Affordability is an important factor in college choice and it plays an important role in our modeling as well. College Raptor’s unique ability to estimate any student’s EFC at any enrollment stage gives you valuable net price data and a more accurate and insightful model.

Frequent scoring updates

We support you throughout your entire enrollment cycle, providing you with regular scoring updates for new prospects and inquiries, and reprioritizing existing ones. Expect expert guidance as we work alongside you to track your enrollment success.

Proven effectiveness

College Raptor’s innovative, one-of-a-kind predictive modeling service produces remarkable results. One campus partner dramatically increased their new student enrollment: up 48% in the first year with College Raptor, and up an additional 24% the following year, exceeding headcount and net revenue goals.


We asked financial aid and enrollment leaders across the country to evaluate the most important components of a Net Price Calculator. See how our calculator service stacked up in each component and what a few of our partners had to say.


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