How To Take Advantage of National Scholarship Month

Did you know November is National Scholarship Month? This is a great time to apply for some awards you qualify for to get some extra money towards your college education. November is actually the month when many organizations are opening their doors to scholarship applications, so it makes perfect sense to have this awareness month now. Here’s exactly how you can make the most of National Scholarship Month.

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Create a Scholarship Schedule for National Scholarship Month

You probably already have schedules for applying to colleges or studying for the SAT or ACT. It’s a good idea to do this with scholarships too!

Set aside time to research and apply to scholarships. Keep a running list. Later in the week, schedule time to apply to each of them. Give yourself ample time to complete each one. Some may require more than an essay or you may find more you qualify for more than you previously thought, so make sure you give yourself enough time to complete each application. You might have to tweak your scholarship schedule as you go along.

It’s also a great idea to set scholarship goals. While you shouldn’t waste time applying to scholarships you don’t qualify for even remotely, try creating a number of applications you can try to reach. This will give you a good plan going forward.

Join Scholarship Databases

One great way to find scholarships online is to join scholarship databases. These websites allow you to create an account with your information, interests, locale, intended major, and more. They will then present you with a list of scholarships that you qualify for. This can make the search much, much easier and save you plenty of time.

Online databases also have access to many scholarships that are unique or you may not have thought of before. There are awards for just about anything (including just for having natural red hair!). You won’t often find those in a normal Google search.

Some databases and websites may host specific scholarships in honor of National Scholarship Month. Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for these too when you’re signing up!

Check Out Local Scholarships

While many scholarships will be on these online databases, not all will be. There may be several or even dozens of awards that are available right in your area that are not found online.

One way to find these is to talk to your high school guidance counselor. They often have access and information on local awards you may qualify for. You can also talk to leaders in your community or future potential colleges.

National Scholarship Month is the perfect time to apply for awards. Many organizations, schools, and communities are just starting to post their scholarship information. And even if the due date is several months from now, starting early will give you ample time to find all the scholarships you qualify for, prepare for them, and apply. Set a goal for November when it comes to scholarships and see how many you can apply for!

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