6 Safety Items Every Student Needs on Their College Checklist

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No matter where you are in the world, college included, it helps to be aware and safe. Certain items can help you achieve that. These six pieces ensure you’re safe in the event of an emergency during your freshman year. It pays to be prepared!

SABRE RED Pepper Spray Key Ring

college checklist Sabre Red pepper sprayThe SABRE RED Pepper Spray Key Ring is actually advertised as the “#1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide.” Lasting for four years, the spray has a 10 foot range and also comes with a training video so you understand exactly how to use it if you should ever need it. The key ring makes it easy to carry right on your jeans or your backpack.

WETEN Personal Emergency Protection Alarm

The world can be dangerous, where the vulnerable may be attacked – the WETEN Personal Alarm is a good item to have on hand. It’s a small but extremely loud 130dB protection device that startles attackers and alerts others to emergency situations. Unlike pepper spray or knives, WETEN’s panic alarm keychain can go everywhere, even where other weapons cannot. Bring safety wherever you go!

BYB Super Bright LED Mini Flashlight

college checklist BYB mini flashlightFlashlights are a must have for any situation and the BYB Super Bright LED Mini Flashlight is the perfect size to fit right in your purse or backpack. If your car breaks down, you find yourself lost on campus, or you just need it in an emergency, it’s a good item to have on hand. This listing is a pack of four, so you can keep them in various places as you need them (or in case you lose one).

Desuccus 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi Tool Keychain

Desuccus snowflake keychain with keys attached to it.This one is cute as well as functional! The Snowflake Multi Tool Keychain can help out with a bunch of different needs: a screwdriver, bottle opener, box cutter, and more. The snowflake also comes with a keyring, which makes it easy to carry right on your backpack so you can always have it on hand.

Apace Vision High Visibility LED Safety Light (set of 2)

college checklist Apace Vision safety lightIf you’re heading out at night, whether on campus or on town, it’s a good idea to wear colors other than black. This will help you be more noticeable to drivers and others. But it’s also smart to have a safety light like the Apace Vision High Visibility LED Safety Light. If you’re going for a walk or run, this visibility accessory can easily catch the attention of drivers.

326 Piece First Aid Kit

college checklist first aid kitAccidents happen. From scrapes to serious cuts, a first aid kit is just what you need to keep your injury from worsening. The best seller in school safety and first aid, this kit contains aspirin, bandages, tweezers, scissors, gloves, and more.

Safety is always a good thing to keep in mind. These six items can make sure you’re better prepared in case something happens. Or, just to help you achieve peace of mind.

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