3 Colleges with the Unique Campuses

When you’re searching for your future college, you’re absolutely paying attention to the academic side: your major, the programs, the teachers. However, are you also looking at the campus? After all, while it may be a perfect school for you academically, you may hate its campus or life at the college.

Something different may be right up your alley. Here are some colleges with unique campuses in the United States.

Elon University

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Located in Elon, North Carolina, there aren’t many schools that can match the beauty of Elon University. A botanical garden was created in 2005 that is used both to please the eyes and for academic purposes. It’s often named one of the most beautiful schools in the United States and has even been used for quite a few films.

The university is also home to 125 trees on a 1.25 mile walk right in the center of campus. A trail through these trees usually takes about 90 minutes and each one is specifically numbered. The entire campus of Elon University is about 636 acres. With the surrounding nature, it’s no wonder that Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Management and Biology are in the top 10 chosen majors at the school.

Sewanee – The University of the South

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One of the largest campuses in the United States with—13,000 acres—it’s also one of the most unique. Located in Sewanee, Tennessee, The University of the South features buildings in a classic Goth-style architecture, three chapels (including the well known All Saints’ Chapel), and plenty of southern charm.

It’s truly a place for those who love architecture but The University of the South can also provide inspiration for those majoring in English, History, and Global Studies.

Ave Maria University

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Affiliated with the Roman Catholic religion, like The University of the South, Ave Maria University also has Gothic inspired buildings. Originally planned to be in Michigan near Ann Arbor, the university can now be found in Ave Maria, Florida. This was due to the fact that the original plan called for a 25 story cross, which was denied by Ann Arbor. The school moved south and erected a planned community around the university.

Ave Maria University now sits on 1,000 acres and features the Ave Maria Oratory, which is the parish church and university chapel. The Oratory can be found right in the center of town. Although the school has current plans to grow the surrounding community, the university is also ensuring wildlife preservation and restoration occurs to maintain the native wetlands.

There are several unique campuses around the United States and of course around the world. These three however are great examples of just how vastly different schools can be. It’s important to note though that while some schools can be unique in a good way, others may not be to your liking. You should always visit a college before deciding to attend to ensure it is the right place for you. You wouldn’t want to be seeing sights you hate every morning.

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