8 Stunning Nearby Colleges – Campuses on the Beach

If you’re seeking a college campus that has a lot of degrees to offer–as in, warm weather–then look no further.

Here’s a list of 8 U.S. college by the beach campuses that look more like a beach resort than your typical campus:

Beaches Nearby Colleges

1. Flagler College

Main campus of Flagler College with trees in the field.

Main campus at Flagler College. Photo via Flagler.edu

Location: St. Augustine, FL

Located in the nation’s oldest city, Flagler College boasts a truly impressive decor of traditional Spanish architecture, flanked closely by palm trees and beaches that overlook the Atlantic Ocean.


2. Pepperdine University

Location: Malibu, CA

Pepperdine University ocean view

Photo by Ryno123 at WikiCommons

The picturesque campus of Pepperdine University is located in famed Malibu, CA and provides truly breathtaking views of the Pacific. Aside from just the gorgeous sights, Pepperdine offers a faith-based learning experience and a rigorous academic standards.


3. University of California–San Diego

University of California San Diego beach view during sunset.

Photograph via UC San Diego Life.

Location: San Diego, California

One of the nation’s leading schools for computer science, UCSD is also home to breathtaking beach views and warm weather 365 days a year.

4. Eckerd College

Eckerd College beach view with coconut trees on the bay.

ELS Language Center. Source: Eckerd College on Google+

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Nestled on the coast in historic St Petersburg, Eckerd College boasts some of the most beautiful beach views a student could ask for. Students regularly share photos of stunning sunsets from the beach near campus.

5. University of Hawaii at Manoa

Location: Honolulu, HI

No list of colleges on the beach would be complete without the University of Hawaii Manoa. Everything that you think you know about UH—like the fact that it’s on an island and surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful beaches—is, actually, probably true.

6. Texas A&M–Corpus Christi (The Island University)

Location: Corpus Christi, TX

Want to go to college inland but still feel like you’re on the coast? Check out Texas A&M’s Corpus Christi campus. The college is surrounded on three sides by water. “The Island University” offers an assortment of programs, including Business, Education, Health and Nursing, Science and Technology.

7. Coastal Carolina University

Location: Conway, SC

CCU technically isn’t on the beach, but it is only a 20 minute drive from famed party cove, Myrtle Beach. So, while you may not be able to see the sand from your dorm, you could at least smell the saltwater from class.

8. Palm Beach Atlantic University

Palm Beach Atlantic University campus building with college name in brass lettering.

Lassiter Student Center. Photo via Wiki Commons.

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

As you may have guessed from the name, PBA is located right smack dab in West Palm Beach, FL. The school makes no reservations about flaunting its superb location–just browse the site to see many, many photos of gorgeous beaches and beautiful sunsets.

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  1. chris says:

    CCU shouldn’t be on this list…

    1. Jen says:

      UC santa barbara needs to be added. It even has ocean front dorms. Pepperdine doesnt even have ocean front dorms

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