20 Things Every First-Year Teacher Experiences

For many teachers, they’ve known it was what they wanted to do since their first day of school. And as they head into their first year of teaching, there are a few experiences that they will all share. Here are 20 first year teacher experiences every elementary school teacher has during the first year on the job.

1. Back to school night/the annual ice cream social

“WOOOOO! I can’t wait to meet all of my new students!”

2. All 25 of the students on your roster are your complete responsibility

“Are you sure? I’m barely even an adult!”

3. Proud parent tears when your student who has been struggling “gets it”

“I knew you could do it!”

4. When you find out YOUR student was teaching the other kids how to twerk on the playground

“Oh lawd…it would be one of mine.”

5. The look you get from parents when they realize it’s your first year teaching

“I’ve got my license and everything. You have nothing to worry about!”

6. The god awful smell after your students come back from P.E. class or recess…especially in May or June

“I’m glad you had fun! Just don’t get too close.”

7. When it takes everything you have not to respond to your student with “That’s what she said”

But, that is what she said

8. Parent phone calls

“Yes your child is incredibly special…but they still can’t be permitted to…”

9. When your student asks a sex ed question way too early


10. the sinking feeling when you finish grading assignments and NO ONE got them right

But, they worked so hard on this one!

11. Before parent teacher conferences

They’re all going to know I have no idea what I’m doing…

12. After parent teacher conferences

“Like a BOSS”

13. The moment you realize how different it is for kids to grow up today than when you were in school

“They didn’t even have iPhones when I was your age”

14. The first time a student asks you if you’re pregnant

I’m never wearing these pants again!

15. The first time student to throws up on you or in your room

“It’s okay, honey. Just keep it away from me!”

16. The first student that proposes to you

“I don’t think your mom would approve.”

17. Recess duty in the winter

“Winter is coming”

18. 1st day of winter break

19. Last day of winter break


20. The kid who never really learns how to say your name

“Yea…that’s not even close. Good try though!”

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