How to Address Weaknesses in College Applications and Interviews

Student in a mock interview addressing her weaknesses in college applications or interviews

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College applications and the interviews that may be required can be particularly anxiety inducing. But it’s good to know that many students have the same issues you will have and everyone will have their weaknesses during the process. However, addressing your weaknesses now can help give you confidence. Here’s how you can overcome weaknesses in college applications and interviews.

Seek Outside Advice for USA Colleges Application

Don’t try to tackle your college applications and interviews entirely alone. Seeking outside advice, from your parents, your high school guidance counselor, or other adults, can help you know exactly where you can improve.

Have these more experienced adults you trust review your college applications before you submit them. They can help point out mistakes in your essay, tell you how you can improve, and just offer overall advice for your entire application. For the interview portion, if your college requires them, ask a school professional what you should expect, but also make sure to do your own research online.


When it comes to the college interview especially, a practice can be essential to performing well. Once you know what to expect, whether from your high school counselor, the internet, or both, ask someone to practice being the interviewer with you. Have them ask you the same questions you feel would be asked during the real deal.

Once you complete the mock interview, go over your answers with whoever is helping you. They can let you know your weaker answers or areas you can improve in. The mock interviews can also help you become more comfortable with the process and you may find you have less anxiety when you go to the actual meeting.

Plan Ahead

One of the best ways to overcome weaknesses in your college applications and interviews is to plan ahead. Plan out when you’re going to complete applications, when you’re going to practice for interviews when the interview will take place, and when you will turn in your finished application. You don’t want to save everything for the last minute. If you do, you won’t find much time to correct your mistakes or review your efforts.

You also won’t have time to properly prepare if you procrastinate. It’s best to start tackling everything to do with your college admittance as soon as possible. This will help you also avoid issues that might arise. For example, if you wait until last minute to turn in your application, you could run into website issues or internet problems that prevent you from submitting it. And don’t wait until last minute to schedule your interview. You could find there are no time slots that work for you if you do.

Overcoming your weaknesses means first understanding them. You might need outside advice just to determine what they are. Once you know where you can use improvement, practice, assistance, and planning ahead can help you work through the college applications and interviews much easier. And what you learn now can actually come in handy when it’s time to apply to job positions and go to any resulting interviews.

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