What is the ACT Test Information Release?

If you plan on retaking the ACT again, one of the best ways to learn from your first experience is by reviewing your own scores. The ACT has a wonderful service that allows you to do just that: the Test Information Release.

What the Test Information Release Tells You

The TIR will give you a copy of the multiple choice questions and your personal answers. This can allow you to see which areas you need to focus on. Analyzing your mistakes is a great way to identify problem areas and better prepare for next time.

If you take the ACT with Writing (which you absolutely should) you can also get a copy of the prompt as well as a photocopy of your essay—for an extra fee.

TIR Qualifications

Unfortunately, ordering the TIR can be a bit tricky. There are only three test dates that qualify—in December, April, and June. Additionally, you have to take the ACT at a national testing center. You can order a TIR when you register to take the test, or for up to three months after you’ve taken it.

Should You Order the TIR?

If this is your first ACT and you plan on retaking it again, you should try and get your hands on the TIR. It can be an invaluable tool that will help boost your later scores.

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