ACT / SAT Pro Tips: Don’t Ignore “No Change” Or “None Of The Above”

Don't ignore "none of the above" or "no change."

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The multiple-choice section on the ACT and SAT tests can be complicated enough with five options to choose from. But oftentimes, just to make things more interesting, some questions will give you a ‘No change’ or ‘None of the above’ option. Ignoring that option and focusing on only the other 4 could be a mistake. Sometimes, ‘no change’ may actually be the right answer. Here’s our SAT and ACT test study guide section on “none of the above” and “no change.”

Equal Consideration

One cardinal rule you should follow when taking the ACT or SAT is that all options should be given equal attention. Every option, including the ‘No Change’ or similar options, has a chance of being right. As such, it must be given due consideration. Don’t just assume that the answer will never be “No change” or something similar.

Tricky Test

The reason some students shy away from these answer options is the nature of the test itself. The ACT and SAT are designed to challenge you, to engage your critical thinking skills. So “no change” might feel like a red herring, a cop-out. But…

When you come to a question that gives you a ‘No Change’ or ‘None of the Above’ option, answer it like you would any other question. Consider each of the options carefully and only circle the answer if you are absolutely sure that it is the right one. Double-check. If none of the options appears to be the right answer to the question, odds are the ‘No Change’ or ‘None of the Above’ option is the right one. Again, don’t be afraid to consider these options as a valid answer.

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