10 Places Where to Sell Used Textbooks

You did it! You have finally made it to the end of the semester and it’s time to purge all your unwanted things from your courses. After spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks for this semester, don’t just throw away that money! Did you know you could sell your used textbooks to make some of your money back? Sellers and textbook buyback vendors make textbook recycling so much easier. Whether you have an older edition or new textbooks, you can find online marketplaces to sell your used school books. College Raptor is here to guide you on where you can sell used textbooks so you can make a few extra bucks!

1. BooksRun

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Each college textbook has an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) number. On buyback websites like BooksRun, you can enter that number, ship your book, and get money for it. It’s really that easy. You’ll fill out some information about your book to ensure they want to buy it, and then mail it. We love this site because the shipping costs are covered and they give you a prepaid shipping label. You’ll get the money just 4 days after they receive your order, which is super convenient for students who are tight on cash. 

2. Amazon

Did you know you can buy, rent, AND sell textbooks on Amazon? Just enter the ISBN number to put your book on the market and wait for it to sell. Unlike BooksRun, you do have to wait to ship your book until it sells, which can be inconvenient for students who don’t want to hold onto their books. However, you do get to list it for the price you want!

3. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble will buy your textbooks with their simple process. Just enter the ISBN number and you’ll receive a quote from them. Once you accept it, you can ship it out to them and get your money! One downside to using them is that the textbook has to be worth at least $10 but if you’re using newer books, this shouldn’t be an issue. 

4. BookScouter

With BookScouter, you’ll be able to compare the value of your college textbooks on multiple platforms. Like all the other online platforms, you’ll receive an offer, and once you accept it just send in your books! Cha-ching!

5. Knetbooks

Knetbooks is another great place where you can sell used textbooks! Not only do they buy your books from you, but you can easily rent or buy next semester’s books for cheap. Just fill out the information about your college textbook and you’ll receive a direct deposit once your book is delivered to them.

6. eBay

eBay may not be the first place you think of to resell your textbooks but it is definitely an option. Create an account and list all the information about the textbook in the description including the ISBN number. List your books just like you would sell other items on eBay!

7. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a hot market for everything. You can sell furniture, clothes, cars, and even your college textbooks. Join your college’s Facebook groups so people from your community will see that you’re selling your old textbooks. Be sure to meet people in a public place and secure payment before exchanging your book. 

8. Chegg

Yes, this trusted resource site also buys used textbooks! Not only do they help with your homework, but they’ll give you money for the books you aren’t going to use next semester. Just fill out the standard information and get paid!

9. BookDeal

Easily enter your book’s ISBN number and you can get paid through apps like PayPal, Venmo, and even Zelle! You’ll get an instant quote and what’s even better is that you can drop it off at any UPS drop-off store. There’s no need to wait in line at the post office!

10. College Bookstore 

Your college may have a buyback program in the bookstore to promote students to do business through them. They can credit you the money on your account so you can use it for next semester, or they may be able to give you a check. Some books have newer editions so speak with an associate at your college bookstore to see what you can do about selling them your used books. 


Don’t let those old textbooks collect dust in your closet or under your bed. College students spend anywhere between $628 to $1,471 on academic textbooks each semester. That’s anywhere from $2,500 to almost $6,000 for your entire academic career! If you sell your books, especially if they’re new, then you can make some of that money back! Since there are so many sellers, make a list of things that would make selling your books easier. Think about the shipping method and payment timeline to help narrow down your choices of multiple vendors and then get to selling!

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