How to Study if You’re a Social Learner

As students, it is important to be aware of the ways we learn best and what type of environment we are most productive in. Some people enjoy quiet spaces with few people while others find that they work more effectively in noisier, busier environments. Similarly, one may find that they learn best working in groups as opposed to doing individual work. For those who consider themselves to be a social learner, there are ways to optimize your productivity and make your learning style work for you.

Work in Groups

If you are the type who loves group projects, then you are most likely a social learner. You thrive off of other people’s energy, perspectives and feedback. If you have the option between doing a group or individual assignment, it may be best for you to go with the group option. As they say, two heads are better than one!

Ask for Peer Feedback

After working on a paper, project, or assignment for a while it can be helpful to get an outside perspective to review it. Even the best writers can fall victim to typos or confusing sentence structure, so social learners might seek out the help of their fellow students and listen attentively to their feedback. Social learners enjoy input from various points of view, and can put those various viewpoints to good use.

Engage in Class Discussions

There’s nothing quite like a good conversation. Social learners tend to engage when they throw their two cents into the ring and engage with their fellow students and their teachers. Offering analyses, asking questions, and proposing theories are a great way to keep your mind sharp and free of daydreams. By engaging in discussions, you can better understand the material and perhaps even gain a new perspective on something.

Have a Tutor or a Study Buddy

Like with group projects, sometimes having another person to bounce ideas off of or discuss points with can be very helpful to social learners. Alone, your mind might wander or you might hit a mental roadblock, but if you have a study buddy or a tutor around, they can offer you a fresh outlook. You might just have that needed Eureka! moment in order for a concept to click. With a study buddy, you can quiz each other, or even pretend to teach one another a lesson to make sure you really have the concept locked in.

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