How Often You Should Meet With Your College Academic Advisor

In all colleges, incoming students are assigned a college academic advisor who works closely with them throughout their four (or more) years in college. Academic advisors play a crucial role in guiding students towards their educational goals. They help students explore their academic interests and possible majors, choose the right courses each semester, and develop plans of study according to their career aspirations.

A college advisor talking to their student.

Meet Your Academic College Advisor At Least Once a Semester

Experts recommend that students meet with their college academic advisors at least once a semester. However, you may meet with your college academic advisor or email them as often as you like. Contact them whenever you think you need their help or guidance.

Advisors can help you decide if you want to minor in something, and what the requirements are. They can ensure you’re odds of graduating in four years is on track, or give you special permissions to take certain classes.

Go In Prepared

Before meeting with your academic advisor, compile a list of questions to ask so you can get the help you need to accomplish your academic goals. Studies show that students who schedule regular advising meetings and implement the advice given to them show remarkable academic progress. Not only do their grades improve but they have better clarity regarding their educational and career goals.

In addition to these once-a-semester meetings, your academic advisor will likely recommend additional meetings when selecting classes for the next semester.

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