How to Create An Effective Study Plan

It always pays to take time to create an effective study plan. It will help you ace the exams without letting the stress get to you.

Try some of these tips to help create, and stick to, an effective study plan.

Start Early

Waiting till the last minute to start studying is the biggest mistake you can make. As the exam day looms nearer, you are likely to start feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, making it even more difficult to retain anything. This will stress you out even more and you will find yourself getting caught in an endless struggle.

Starting early allows you to study just a few hours every day and give your brain some much-needed rest in between. It also gives you ample time to get help with those areas you are struggling with.

Make A Study Plan

Starting early but proceeding haphazardly can be counterproductive. Try and stay organized so you make the most use of your study time.

Make a plan on how much portion you are going to cover each day and commit to it. Don’t just make the plan in your mind. Get a blank calendar or note down and write down your plan. Alternatively, use a digital calendar app on your phone or laptop. The important thing is to keep your study goals realistic. Don’t cram too much into one day or you feel start to feel frustrated when you do not meet your goals.

When planning your schedule, take into consideration which time of day works best for you. Some students study best early morning, while others do better later in the day.

Gather together all your text books, notes, assignments, handouts and old tests and keep them in one place. Organize them subject-wise so you are not wasting time every day looking for the relevant papers.

Partner Up With A Study-Buddy

Studying by yourself may be a good idea most of the time. There are no distractions and you are not tempted to quit studying and start chatting. However, when you study alone, it’s difficult to stay engaged and motivated. Getting together with a study partner at least once a week to can help you stay motivated and on track as each of you keep track of the other’s progress. A study partner can also help you out if you are struggling with something.

Answer Old Test Papers

Answering old test papers is the single best way to prepare for an upcoming exam. It helps you to get more familiar with the format of the exam paper as well as the time limitations. As you start to score your progressive practice test papers, you will be more aware about which are your high-scoring areas and which areas you are struggling with. Accordingly, you can allot more time to your weaker areas so you can increase your overall score on your tests.

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