8 Decorative Lights for College Students

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Part of the fun of living away from home means you can decorate your dorm room or apartment anyway you want. If you’ve always wanted to install decorative lighting, this is the perfect time to do that. We’ve found some interesting decorative lighting options for college students. Some of these are cute, others are more subtle, and all are unique. These decorative lights are easy to use and are perfect for styling your room.

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Multicolor String Lights by Homestarry

Homestarry fairy lightsIf you love that dreamy, magical look, these fairy lights will help you recreate that atmosphere. Whether you choose the 16-foot or 33-foot option, these lovely fairy lights are perfect for nice light touch. You don’t even have to get out of bed to turn them off when you need some sleep. Just use the handy remote. The remote control also allows you to set the color and the refresh rate. Add a touch of whimsy to your dorm or bedroom with these lovely lights.

Curtain String Lights by Twinkle Star

Twinkle Star string lightsThis string light curtain is great for those who need a little extra flair in their dorm or bedroom. It has eight different settings, so you can change things up to suit your mood. You can make the lights pulse, flicker or chase in a sequence, or even come up with a completely different option. These lights are also lovely for festive occasions. They are simple to install and use. Just keep in mind, it only comes with the hanging string lights; curtains aren’t included. 

LED Desk Lamp by Etekcity

Etekcity LED desk lampThis LED Desk Lamp by Etekcity is designed to be easy on your eyes and great for reading. When you hit the books, you won’t wear down as easily as you might with bright overhead fluorescents. It has a simple, minimalist design that is sure to match any décor. The lamp is easily adjustable and has a touch-sensitive base. You can adjust both color and brightness! You can even use it in battery mode and take it with you wherever you need good light. Comes with 16 LED bulbs.

Silicone Color Changing Bear Lamp by Lumipets

LumiPet bear lampLamps don’t just have to look industrial. If you want to add a bit of cute personality to your desk, check out these animal-themed lamps by Lumipets! The touch controls on the body can be used to adjust the brightness of the light. They’re soft and smooth, too. Lumipets has a number of different creatures to choose from—bear, bunny, dragon, unicorn, and owl. They can shine in 9 different colors, controlled with a handy remote or by tapping their heads. 

Metal Marquee Light-Up Letters by Darice

Darice marquee letter lightThese metal marquee letters are great for decorating your dorm room or apartment. You and your roommates might even want to get enough to spell out a word or just your initials. These letters add a bit of vintage flair and are battery-operated. The Metal Marquee Light-Up Letters by Darice are a fun and functional way to light up your room. In addition to all 26 letters in the alphabet, they also have an ampersand (&) symbol. 

LED Neon Signs by Pooqla

Pooqla neon lightsThis LED Neon Sign by Pooqla is very retro-cool with strong neon and a heavy base. It will add a warm touch to your dorm décor. It can be plugged in or used with batteries, and even uses USB charging for the ultimate convenience. Pooqla has LED Neon Signs in a wide range of interesting designs. Palm tress, crescent moons, flamingos, unicorns, stars, “hello”, “love”, cacti, and plenty more. 

Plug In Dusk to Dawn Night Lights by Reminda

Reminda night lightThis plug in dusk-to-dawn light has a light sensor night light. It shuts off automatically when there is ambient light and turns on automatically at dusk when the lights are low. It’s handy as a night-light when you have to get up and get ready without disturbing your roommate. It can keep you from stubbing your toe into furniture if you get up in the middle of the night for a glass of water. 

Shelf Floor Lamp by Brightech

Brightech shelf floor lampWhen is a lamp more than a lamp? When it’s also a shelf. The shelves provide storage for smaller objects and books and the light at the top provides light to see and study with. Beautiful and functional, it will look wonderful in a dorm, apartment bedroom, or living room. It’s a beautiful combination of form and function.

Shed some light on any subject with these great decorative lights.

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