6 of the Best College Prep Books

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Preparation is key—and going to college takes a lot of preparation. Entrance exams, scholarship searches, college applications, and plenty more. It’s hard work, and every student will need a bit of help and guidance to get through it. That’s what these 6 excellent books do—guide and help. Here are some of the best college prep books out there.

The Real ACT Prep Guide (Official ACT Prep)

The Real ACT Prep Guide best college prep booksDon’t mess around with imitators. This is the one book you need to prepare for the ACT. Complete with a CD for practice, questions from earlier tests, and practice scenarios. This book will take you through all the best practices and help you prepare for the ACT. Practice includes math, science, reading, and the essay/writing portion. Also, test-taking tips and information on how to break down and read your final score report.

The Official SAT Study Guide by College Board

The Official SAT Study Guide best college prep booksThis guide is made available from the College Board, the recognized experts when it comes to college entrance exams, applications, and scholarship success. With this official SAT Study Guide, you get 8 SAT practice sessions. You’ll also see the logic behind the answers to tougher questions. This must-have study guide is perfect for those who want to ace the SAT.

College Admission: From Application to Acceptance

College Admission best college prep booksIf the college application process has you a little nervous or if you aren’t even sure where to begin with the application process this book is for you. College Admission: From Application to Acceptance is the perfect book for families unfamiliar with the college application process. It’s filled with wisdom and advice from deans, scholarship recipients, counselors, and education experts. You will find it particularly helpful if you are the first person in your family to attend college.

Conquering the College Admissions Essay in 10 Steps

Conquering the College Admission Essay best college prep booksWritten by a college entrance essay coach, this book can help anyone ace their entrance essay. Just like with anything else, the best way to become a better writer is to practice. the more you practice, the better you will get at writing compelling, authoritative essays. That’s exactly what this book teaches you in 10 easy steps. Use each step to craft your perfect entrance essay and maybe even secure a scholarship to the school of your dreams.

Confessions of a Scholarship Winner

Confessions of a Scholarship Winner best college prep booksScholarships are a reward for hard work and academic excellence, and this book will help you earn those rewards by gaining scholarships, fellowships, and grants to go to school. These types of funding don’t have to be paid back, unlike loans. Scholarships look great on entry-level job resumes, and the more scholarships you earn, the better you look on a college application.

Countdown to College: 21 To-Do Lists for High School

Countdown to College best college prep booksThis is a book you need before you even think about applying to college. If you’re a compulsive list-maker who lives and dies by sticky-notes and to-do lists, then you’ll love this hyper-organized, highly informative book that isn’t just for college kids, but anyone who deals with kids in high school, college, and grad school. Countdown to College: 21 To-Do Lists for High School also makes a good addition to many school libraries and counselors’ libraries.

Don’t let the idea of applying to school intimidate you. With these 6 excellent reads, you’re guaranteed to get into your dream school and do a great job. You got this!

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