How Can I Decide on Which Colleges I Should Visit?

Here's how to choose which colleges to visit.

Pixabay user ellisedelacruz

College visits allow you to get a first-hand look at your shortlisted institutions. You get a feel of the community and environment, enabling you to narrow down your list of preferred colleges even further. Here’s how to choose which colleges to visit if you can’t visit them all:

Ideally, you visit all of them.

Ideally, students and their parents should visit all of the colleges on their list. However, this is not always practical or possible. When money or time constraints prevent you from visiting all colleges on your list, how do you decide which one to tour in person and which to leave off the visit list?

Visit nearby colleges.

If visiting the top colleges on your list is out of the question, one of the best alternatives is to visit a few nearby colleges even if they are at the bottom of your list. This is a far better option rather than forgoing the opportunity altogether.

Why you should visit colleges.

The community and environment in the college you visit may be considerably different from the college you hope to attend. However, the visit will help you get a better perspective and insight into what is important to you. This understanding will serve you well as you explore websites of other colleges that are located further away.

Visiting local colleges, even those that are not on your list, can give you a benchmark that you can use to compare and shortlist those colleges that you cannot visit personally.

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