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Top 25 Best Private Colleges in the US | 2020 Rankings

Best Private Colleges Badge 2020 university rankings
Many of the private colleges in America are well-known household names, with long and fascinating histories–some of which date back before the founding of the United States itself. Private colleges tend to be nonprofit institutions that are funded internally through endowments and donations. Because of this, private colleges offer some of the highest financial aid …
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Top 25 Best Public Colleges in the US | 2020 Rankings

Best Public Colleges Badge 2020 university rankings
Public colleges and universities have rich histories, age-old campus traditions, and a sense of camaraderie among their students. Some of the finest colleges in the country are public institutions. These schools are government funded, tend to have larger and more diverse student bodies, and are rife with opportunities—both for campus life and future careers! We …
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Top 50 Best Colleges in the US | 2020 Rankings

Best US Colleges Badge 2020 university rankings
College Raptor’s Top 50 Best Colleges in the US list is the most prestigious and selective rankings list we have. Schools featured here are the best of the best. With vibrant histories, beautiful campuses, and amazing academic programs, these schools are truly iconic places of higher learning.  After thoroughly analyzing thousands of colleges, we selected …
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5 Life Skill Books for College-Bound Students

Stack of books with text: life skill books for college students student life
One of the more exciting aspects of going to college is the independence it offers you. But that independence comes with its own set of challenges. You have to know how to budget, cook, and clean while navigating class work, homework assignments and dorm living. Don’t wait to get there to figure it all out. …
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6 Stylish Clocks For College Dorm Rooms

Clock with text: stylish clocks for college dorms student life
Time is a fickle thing. When you’re having fun, it goes by fast. When you’re doing something tedious, it can drag on and on. Regardless, though, it’s important to know the time. Especially in college where you’ve got a tight schedule to keep. That’s where clocks come in handy. With one of these stylish and …
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8 Decorative Lights for College Students

String lights with text: decorative lights for college dorms student life
Part of the fun of living away from home means you can decorate your dorm room or apartment anyway you want. If you’ve always wanted to install decorative lighting, this is the perfect time to do that. We’ve found some interesting decorative lighting options for college students. Some of these are cute, others are more …
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7 Great Items for College Roommate Living

Two roommates studying and text: great items for college roommate student life
Life with a college roommate can be a roller-coaster. There are times when you think you’ll be BFFs, and there are times when you wish you were living by yourself. Whatever your situation with your roommate, these essentials will help make the year easier—and hopefully more fun. Check them out below! Knock Knock All Out …
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