How Do I Check Out Universities Near Me?

Birds-eye-view of road through forest with text: how do I check out the universities near me?Not every student wants to enroll in a college far away from home. Maybe you like your hometown. Or family is super important to you. Maybe you want to save on tuition costs by staying in-state. Or on rent by living with your parents. If any of these scenarios are the case, or you have another reason for sticking close, you may wondering “How do I research the universities near me?”

Let’s go over a few methods!

Talk To Your High School Counselor

High school counselors are a font of knowledge in this area. They are constantly interacting with students looking for colleges to apply to. Counselors keep track of the feedback students give them about different colleges and pass that information on to other students.

You high school counselor will do more than just help you find universities located near you. They can help you craft a schedule, review your college app essay, point you towards some scholarship or internship opportunities, and plenty more.

Go to College Fairs

Schools host college fairs throughout the year. These are fantastic opportunities to collect admission information on all potential universities, including those near you. At these college fairs, you can interact one-on-one with admissions officers or other representatives of the colleges.

To make the most of a college fair, first find out which colleges are attending. Shortlist the universities that are located near you and browse through each website. While browsing through the site, make notes of what information you can’t find. You can get this information from the college reps at the fair. Their answers will help you make an informed decision about that particular school.

Visit College Campuses

There’s no better way to know more about the universities near you than by scheduling a campus visit. This will give you a first-hand view of what to expect if you choose to attend that college. You will get a feel of the classrooms, teaching faculty, library, extracurricular facilities, and more. You will also get a feel of the dorm set up, the cafeteria, and the general ambiance on campus. All of these things will help you determine if that particular college is a good fit for you.

Do an Online Search

It’s amazing how much information you can get with a simple internet search. The key however is to do it right. If you do a random search for ‘universities near me’ using any search engine, you may not get the results you are looking for.

Luckily, College Raptor can help you there. With a free account, you can enter in your information and discover all the colleges near you! You can even see how well you match up with them academically, what your acceptance odds might be, and see potential financial aid that schools might offer you!

Finding Universities Near Me

There are plenty of reasons to stick close to home. From cost, to familial obligations, to simply wanting to stay where you are, to plenty more. Luckily it can be easier researching the colleges nearby rather than those half the country away.


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