Cold Weather Colleges: 3 Awesome Picks for Skiing and Winter Fun

Love the cold? Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, tubing or making snowmen? Then, you’ll definitely want to consider colleges and universities that are known for their local weather! These three schools will get you started on the right foot for a great snow-filled college experience.


Michigan Technological University

Michigan Technological University can be found in Houghton, Michigan, north of Wisconsin and right on Lake Superior. Considered a remote school, it definitely gets crazy amounts of snow! The average amount of snow in the season is a whopping 218.5 inches. The record was in 1978 and 1978, when the winter there saw over 355 inches. To go to the lowest amount of snowfall, you have to go back to 1930 to 1931, when the area “only” saw 81 inches.

And every winter, the university hosts the Winter Carnival. This year will be their 100th! Students can participate in broomball, skiing (cross country and downhill), curling, snowboarding, human dog sled races, soccer, ice bowling, ice skating, volleyball, tug of war, painting, karaoke, sleigh rides, and more!

University of Buffalo

Buffalo, New York is on the other side of the Great Lakes on Lake Erie, on the Canada border, and well known for its snow. However, unlike Houghton, Buffalo is quite a large city, and the school reflects that. The area gets just under 85 inches of snow a season, and eight days out of the year will see snow 10 inches or more deep.

The University of Buffalo also has its own winter celebration known as Winterfest. When it is held, students can win prizes, listen to music, eat great food, and participate in activities ranging from ice skating to broomball. The city also has a Winter Carnival that takes place at Canalside – it features ice carving, curling, and more.

And it’s not far to pay a trip to Niagara Falls!

University of Denver

If you’d rather head out west and experience their snow, University of Denver should be on your college list. The city of Denver in Colorado sees just under 57 inches of snow a year on average, making DU one of the best colleges for skiing. In March 2021 though, there was a blizzard that dumped 27 inches on the city.

And, of course, the school also has a Winter Carnival. It’s sometimes held in different cities, but students can purchase lift tickets and ski, snowboard, tube, and more. There are also discounted tours available for Snowcat, astronomy, snowshoes, and fat bikes, as well as equipment rentals and lessons. The Denver event even has Snow Queen and snow sculpture competitions.

Will these schools quench your thirst for snow? Don’t see your favorite cold weather college on this list? Check out our college match tool to see find the best cold weather college for you!

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