Best Wheelchair Accessible Colleges

Students focus on different things when deciding what colleges or universities to attend. Things like the majors that it offers, the academic programs, the dorms, the sports team, and many others are aspects most students find out before deciding. But what if you are a wheelchair student? You’ll have to look for wheelchair accessible campuses before making a decision. This list shows a few of the most wheelchair-friendly colleges and universities in the United States.

University of Arizona—Tuscan, AZ

The fact that this university is located in Arizona, a desert, makes the campus a very flat (without hills) and hot (snowy weather is not common) campus. These qualities help wheelchair students transport easier from one class to the other. The Arizona campus also has special equipped dorms and bathrooms, special shuttles and buses, wheelchair sports and assisted swimming, and programs that give disabled students the possibility to study abroad or from home.

University of California, Berkeley—Berkeley, CA

Located in California, this university has gained lost of attention because of its disabled student’s program. They worked to improve the campus so it could be more wheelchair friendly, adding elevators, special door activation systems, and ramps so students could access their classes faster. Like many others, it counts with a sports team for disabled students, but also provides them with counseling and group programs to help them bond with people who have to live in similar conditions. UC Berkeley also has a wheelchair rental option, special bathrooms, shuttle, and bus systems.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign—Champaign, IL.

It has an outstanding graduate school for engineering and psychology students. Is very popular due to its fraternities and sororities and is widely known because of the importance they give to students with disabilities. According to their web page, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has special buses and facilities for wheelchair users. It has its own sports team for disabled students, assistants for those who decide to live on campus and aids for anyone with any type of disability.

Southwest Minnesota State University—Marshall, MN

Ideal for business students, the SMSU campus is kind of small, making it easier for wheelchair students to move from one side to the other. It has special programs that help any student with disabilities adapt to the classes and the whole “university process”. It offers them the possibility to be a part of a soccer or basketball team that competes with other colleges, and the campus staff is always prepared to assist wheelchair students if they want to find some type of aid to help them pay for tuition.

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania—Edinboro, PA.

Popular among art students, it offers students with disabilities financial aid. Edinboro University is constantly working on improving their services to disabled students. As of today, they offer special dorms and toilets, easy access to buildings, wheelchair rental, special buses and shuttles, special programs to help wheelchair students learn how to live on their own and counseling.

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