5 Trends in Education for 2023

2023 is well underway and there are already plenty of things changing and trending in education! From ChatGPT to mental health, colleges, and K-12 schools are doing a lot to improve the experiences for students, faculty, and staff alike. Here are just 5 trends in education you’ll see in the coming months!

5 Trends in Education

1. Hybrid Learning Will Continue to Change

Back in 2020, the move to remote learning was quick and most schools weren’t prepared for the sudden change. Three years later, however, K-12 and colleges have adjusted. And many are still using hybrid learning (a mix of remote and in-person classrooms) to meet the needs of their students.

And in 2023, we’ll see that model continue to adjust. Technology is advancing in the education space, and schools will continue to find ways to implement these new resources into their curriculum. Schools have also found that students are less likely to fall behind in class if they have access to hybrid learning!

2. EdTech Will Better Support Teachers

EdTech has been aiding in the classroom for quite some time now, and that support continues improving year after year. 2023 will be no different. Edtech companies are looking for more ways to support teachers than ever before.

With many teachers looking to leave education entirely (a whopping 78% have a negative view of teaching), there’s no question that they need additional resources now to make their jobs easier and more enjoyable. Technology can help teachers better engage their students, collaborate with their peers, and support one another.

3. There Will Be a Bigger Focus on Mental Health

The conversation around mental health continues to become a better, more open dialogue with each passing year. And that trend is continuing in the classroom, too. Both students and teachers can benefit from a stronger support system for emotional, social, and mental well-being. 

As a result, schools are broadening their mental health programs. They are providing new support systems and resources and focusing more than ever on social-emotional learning for students. Some are also working to improve the work-life balance of teachers – something that is desperately needed in the face of high burnout rates among instructors. In addition, there will be more emphasis given to mental health days, which will hopefully be encouraged by schools all over the country for all students, faculty, and staff.

4. Game-Based Learning is Entering the Classroom

Did you know that 97% of teenagers play at least one hour of video games every day? As a result, gamified learning is a huge hit among students. It has been shown to better engage teens, keep them excited about the curriculum, and explore new ways of learning material. 

Outside of the classroom, some schools are introducing esports teams. This is fantastic as video games have been shown to improve memory, multitasking abilities, problem-solving capabilities, creativity, and more! Not to mention: participating in a sports team, even if it’s in a video game, can look fantastic on college applications.

Classrooms are also starting to use Artificial reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). With these tools, students can have more immersive experiences – experiences they may not be able to have without the aid of technology. This can certainly broaden a student’s horizons and opportunities!

5. ChatGPT Could Change How Teachers and Schools Look at Writing

ChatGPT, a chatbot created by OpenAI, was introduced in November 2022, and in just two months, it has made huge waves. The program has been used to write college application essays, complete homework, debug computer programs, and more. It is even capable of passing the bar exam and medical exams!

However, while ChatGPT has its uses, many school districts are already banning its use in the classroom and for homework. Teachers, though, can benefit from the chatbot. It could be used to create assignments, gather materials, design guides, and get feedback on what students need from their lessons. 

Where ChatGPT goes in 2023 remains to be seen as this is a fast-changing and evolving technology!

These are just five trends in education we’ll be seeing in 2023! There are plenty more that teachers, schools, and students are embracing including optimized learning spaces, inquiry-based curriculum, more focus on data, job shadowing, microlearning, personalized learning, and more. It will be exciting to see what the upcoming months bring!

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