Introducing Roxie the College Raptor!

She is the icon and mascot of College Raptor. But, few know much about this little velociraptor beyond her striking image of a dinosaur wearing a graduation cap and sunglasses. Roxie wearing a graduation cap

Introducing Roxie the Raptor! She’s a clever girl who spends her time hunting down the best college matches for the users of our site. She is adept at finding personalized net prices, rooting out financial aid possibilities, hunting for acceptance odds, and even tracking down colleges you hadn’t considered. Roxie works hard to help students find the best colleges for them!

When not on the hunt, Roxie spends her time helping out around the College Raptor office. She helps our bloggers write articles, comes up with content ideas, checks in on our social media sites, and makes mischief by stealing office supplies. (She made her graduation cap out of sticky-notes).

In terms of prey, Roxie prefers sweets to anything else. She regularly sneaks her way into the team’s stash of motivational candy and makes off with a goodie or two. A velociraptor on a sugar-rush is not to be messed with—but at least she gets a lot of work done before crashing.Roxie taking a lollipop

Any hard worker needs a little caffeine boost in the afternoon, right? Roxie’s no exception. Though when she gets a dose of caffeine and some candy, she can be a bit of a handful. But we just mostly stand back and let her do her thing. Roxie having her afternoon pickup

Roxie’s making her debut today as College Raptor’s official mascot. Look out for her on our Facebook and Twitter pages. She’ll be hard at work chasing down the best college matches for you!

Roxie next to her self-portrait

Put Roxie to work by using College Raptor’s free college match tool to discover your acceptance odds at colleges around the country, potential financial aid packages you could receive, and schools you maybe haven’t considered yet!

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