2 Tips to Help You Decide What Career to Pursue

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Say that it’s time to choose your major, but you have no clue what to choose because you can’t decide what career you want to pursue. You’re certainly not alone. There are countless students who find themselves in this exact same situation every year.

If you find yourself stuck as to what major to pick, here are two ideas that may help you find a solution.

Consider A Flexible Program Such As Liberal Arts

Consider degree programs that offer some amount of flexibility. Liberal Arts is one such program. This is a multi-faceted program that offers students numerous subjects to choose from. When you enroll in a Liberal Arts program, you get to sample different combinations of subjects every year, giving you a well-rounded education in a variety of fields.

Enroll In Community College

Attending community college is several times cheaper than attending any university. You can do two years of community college and then transfer to another university to complete the remaining two years of your bachelor’s degree. This will allow you to test a few subjects that you think you may be interested in. If after two years you decide to continue with the same subjects, great. On the other hand, if you decide that the program is not right for you and you want to change, you won’t feel as bad as you will not have wasted a lot of money.

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