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There are many ways to go about choosing a major, with the personal preferences of students often leading to different priorities. Some students want to pursue something they enjoy, others want to make money, and some want to do both. Students who wish to have a practical major that will lead to job opportunities, yet also hope to have a career helping others, may wish to consider healthcare as an umbrella field to look into. With the constant advances in medical technology and the changing of our national healthcare systems, this major is a perfect compromise between being fulfilling and pragmatic. Check out this quick selection of scholarship opportunities for students who wish to go into the field of healthcare:

American Red Cross — Jane Delano Nurse Scholarship

Deadline: May 11, 2017

Amount: $3,000

Since its inception in 1881, the American Red Cross has become one of the most visible healthcare organizations in the world, providing medical attention to those in need and raising funds for the victims of unforeseen tragedy. Following in the (massive) footsteps of founder Clara Barton, the Red Cross, to this day, aims to help the disadvantaged and heal the sick. To ensure their mission continues well into the future, the ARC sponsors the Jane Delano Scholarship annually, aiming to incentivize students who are unsure of their future to pursue the field of nursing.

The scholarship’s namesake, Jane Delano, was the founder of the ARC’s Nursing Service and a paragon of comfort for those who needed her aid. The scholarship awards $3,000 annually to nursing students in college—undergrad or graduate—who have been American Red Cross volunteers in the past. Specifically, applicants must have served the ARC in the five years directly before their submission is due. Additionally, aspiring Delano scholars must be enrolled in a nursing program at an accredited US university. Your application should consist of a letter of recommendation from an ARC employee, two short essays describing your work, and an academic transcript. More than one scholarship is available each year, but the ARC’s website is careful to point out that resources are limited.

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TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship

Deadline: June 30, 2017

Amount: $5,000

If you’re anything like me, odds are you take Tylenol for relief whenever you’re sick. For nursing students with the appropriate credentials, Tylenol can provide a form of relief for their wallets as they head off to college. The pharmaceutical giant’s Future Care Scholarship is open to undergrad students majoring in public health, medical education, nursing, or pharmaceuticals.

Health care students will be pleased to find out that the scholarship’s financial stipend of $5,000 is raised to $10,000 for the award’s ten top winners, a massive increase that can very well change one’s financial outlook. The scholarship committee takes a student’s GPA, volunteer record, community involvement and academic prowess into account, and applications can be buoyed by a personal essay speaking of commitment to medical fields.

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Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program

Deadline: Varying

Amount: Varying

The aforementioned Jane Delano is often thought to have saved thousands of lives during the first World War, when she enlisted the help of 20,000+ nurses to traverse European battlefields and tend to the wounded. To this day, the field of medicine is absolutely crucial to the continuing success of the American armed forces. In order to recruit students, the US Army sponsors an award, the F. Edward Hébert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship, for applicants.

The scholarship’s financial rewards change depending on a few factors, but students can be assured that they will be very well compensated. In addition to the flat reward that covers one’s tuition, the Army also provides a monthly stipend to help students remain on their feet. Those who receive the scholarship will be required to enlist upon graduation to help their fellow service members, with some extremely high quality students receiving a $20,000 bonus for donating their time and skills.

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National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program

Deadline: April 28, 2017

Amount: Varying

The National Health Service Corps operates from federal funding to provide health care and relief to low-income areas. In exchange for assisting these areas in need, NHSC workers often receive relief on their student loans or, in this case, a scholarship. Students who plan to pursue a degree in the large fields of medicine (or dentistry) are given generous financial help on the stipulation that they commit to working with the NHSC for at least two years upon graduation.

NHSC workers are rewarded not only financially, but also with the achievement of working in public service for the good of their fellow man. In order to be eligible, applicants must be US citizens, full-time students, and enrolled or accepted in a college that allows for NHSC repayment.

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