Myth: I Can Find All My Scholarships In One Place

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There are a number of great scholarship search websites out there, and they can be a fantastic resource for finding opportunities you qualify for. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be a one-stop-shop experience.

Scholarship websites don’t know about all opportunities

There are thousands of scholarship opportunities out there, for all kinds of students. Even the most detailed of scholarship databases won’t have access to all of the scholarships out there. So only using one of those sites can really limit your available options.

Two sites are better than one

“Shop” around. Try out multiple sites. You’ll find some of the same opportunities on both, sure, but you might be surprised to find a whole bunch more on one than the other.

Don’t overlook offline options

As magical as the internet is, there are other ways to find scholarships. Your high school counselor is one such resource that is not to be underappreciated. They’ll have knowledge on many scholarships, as well as know which ones you personally qualify for. Make sure you to meet with them a few times a year.

There are also local scholarships to consider, which you can discover through your high school, local library, and community centers. Local scholarships are true hidden gems, so be sure to seek them out.

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