Am I Eligible For Work Study Programs?

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In many cases, students do not take up work during the school year. This is because students find it difficult to have a job while also managing a busy school schedule. On top of that, trying to get experience related to your major can be selective and catered to upperclassmen. This is where work study programs come in.

Work study programs allow undergrad and grad students to earn some money towards their college expenses. Students get the benefits of work experience and also can pay for college in a way they can manage.

To be eligible for federal work study programs, you must meet the following three requirements:

  • You must be enrolled in a full-time or part-time program in a college or an accredited vocational school that is a participant in the Federal Work-Study Program.
  • Additionally, you must demonstrate financial need. This is calculated based on family’s household size, parents’ income and assets for dependent students, student’s assets for independent students, and number of dependent family members enrolled in post secondary programs.
  • Only students who complete and submit the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid are eligible to apply.

Important Things To Know About Work Study Programs

If you are interested in earning money through a work study program, you must find out if the college you are applying to is a participant in the program. Additionally, each Work-Study program will have specific guidelines and requirements.

There is a limit to the number of hours you can work every week. You cannot earn an income that is more than the total Federal Work-Study that is awarded to you.

Your class schedule and your academic progress are two factors that your school’s financial aid office or your employer will use to determine how many hours of work to assign to you.

To continue working through this program, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress that shows that you are capable of juggling work and school work successfully.

A work study program allows students to gain experience on two levels. The experience can be vital to students with financial situations that require them to work to pay tuition. Furthermore, if a school-to-work program is offered at your university and you are in need of a financial solution, consider looking into the program.

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Lender Rates (APR) Eligibility
Earnest company logo.
Variable APR: 1.88% - 5.64%*
Fixed APR: 2.44% - 5.79%*
Undergraduate and Graduate
Lendkey company logo.
Variable APR: 1.90% - 5.25%*
Fixed APR: 2.49% - 7.75%*
Undergraduate, Graduate, Parent PLUS
Credible company logo.
Variable APR: 1.80% - 9.99%*
Fixed APR: 2.15% - 9.99%*
Undergraduate and Graduate
Laurel road company logo.
Variable APR: 1.64% - 5.65%*
Fixed APR: 2.25% - 5.75%*
Undergraduate and Graduate
Commonbond company logo.
Variable APR: 1.96% - 7.02%*
Fixed APR: 2.59% - 6.94%*
Undergraduate, Graduate, Parent PLUS
Fixed APR: 2.44% - 5.97%*
Undergraduate, Graduate, Parent PLUS
VISIT ISL Education Lending
Variable APR: 1.87% – 5.33%**
Fixed APR: 2.30% – 5.96%**
Undergraduate, Graduate, Parent PLUS
VISIT Nelnet
Variable APR: 2.94% - 4.84%*
Fixed APR: 2.99% - 4.94%*
Undergraduate and Graduate
VISIT College Ave
Variable APR: 1.86% - 6.01%*
Fixed APR: 2.47% - 5.99%*
Undergraduate and Graduate, Parent PLUS

*APR includes a 0.25% interest rate reduction for enrollment in automatic payments.

**Interest rate reduction of .25% for automatically withdrawn payments from any designated bank account (“auto debit discount”). Auto debit discount applies when full payments (including both principal and interest) are automatically drafted from a bank account. The auto debit discount will continue to apply during periods of approved forbearance or deferment if the auto debit discount was in effect at the time of receiving the forbearance or deferment. Auto debit discount will remain on the account unless (1) the automatic deduction of payments is canceled or (2) there are three consecutive automatic deductions returned for insufficient funds at any time during the term of the loan.

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