Do Homeschooled Students Get a Diploma?

Homeschooling your kids is a huge responsibility but is worth it to many parents. And as the topic arises, a lot of questions come with it. One of the biggest questions we see is, “Do homeschooled students get a diploma?” Well, the answer is yes! 

Let’s take a deeper look at how this happens. Plus, we’ll answer some of your other burning questions regarding homeschooled students’ graduation and college application process.

How Do Homeschooled Students Get a Diploma?

It’s actually quite simple. Homeschooled students get a diploma the same way public and private school students do! 

When a student is homeschooled, their parents or caretakers serve as their educators and institution. So, in homeschooling, the parents are responsible for creating and issuing the high school diploma, just like a public school would do. 

To make sure the diploma is legitimate, parents should check the homeschool laws, diploma requirements, and mandatory high school courses in their local county and state. Following these guidelines ensures that the homeschooled student’s diploma is recognized and accepted.

Do Homeschooled Students Have To Take the GED Test?

Many people think that homeschooled students have to take the GED test to get their high school diploma, but that’s not true. They just need to meet the regular high school graduation requirements and other homeschool curricula. 

Though homeschooled students don’t have to get their GED, they are still required to take their state’s standardized tests. For example, the Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) is a yearly standardized test that both public school students and homeschooled students are required to take. 

Do Homeschooled Students Get a Graduation Ceremony?

Graduation ceremonies for homeschooled students are up to the educator’s (parent’s) discretion. Most parents will hold a graduation ceremony on their own for their kids or partner with others in the local homeschool community to put together a bigger graduation. A lot of students love the grand gesture of handing off the legal diploma on a graduation date so sometimes it’s a worthwhile endeavor!

If you want to hold a traditional ceremony for your homeschooled student, you can always order a plain cap and gown along with a personalized high school diploma

Do Homeschooled Students Need Transcripts for College Applications?

The answer is yes. College admissions committees evaluate homeschooled students’ transcripts just as they would for public school students. This makes it essential to present a well-organized and thorough academic record.

Parents should look into online transcript creators early on so they aren’t scrambling at the end of their child’s education trying to find education records. If this is your first time homeschooling your child, look into joining homeschool support groups that are full of homeschool alumni and parents who have already been through this before for guidance. 

How Do Homeschooled Students Apply for College?

Fortunately, the college admissions process isn’t too lengthy or different for homeschooled students—as long as they meet the entrance requirements. 

First, they should decide which colleges they are interested in (hint: You can use College Raptor to find personalized college matches). Then they should proceed with the application process by sending in their transcripts, SAT/ACT test scores, college applications, and admissions essays. Finally, they should wait for the decision! 

If a homeschooled student meets the admissions requirements, they’ll get an exciting acceptance letter in the mail. It’s essentially the same process that non-homeschooled students follow. 

Can Homeschoolers Get Financial Aid?

Financial aid is accessible to students of all backgrounds, including those who were homeschooled. College financial assistance can alleviate a significant burden, making it vital to complete the FAFSA application promptly to determine your eligibility.

Additionally, anyone can utilize College Raptor’s scholarship search tool to discover valuable scholarships and grants that do not require repayment, providing valuable financial support for any college journey.

Final Thoughts

Yes, homeschooled students do get a diploma. Homeschooled or not, remember that diplomas are not just pieces of paper. They represent hard work, determination, and a unique educational journey. So encourage your homeschooled student to go forth, proudly wave their diploma, and show the world that learning knows no bounds!

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