How a Letter of Recommendation Boosts College Acceptance

Envelope with arrow upMany schools require letters of recommendation for college admissions, but how important are they? They can actually provide a huge boost to your acceptance odds. Here are some reasons letters of recommendation are so important.

They Give A Career College A Closer Look Beyond a Grade

An A in a course looks great, but a letter of recommendation from a teacher in a particular subject is even better. A teacher can talk about your passion for a class or how you approach problems differently than other students. These letters can show a college admissions department what sets you apart from the rest.

They can be truly valuable if you’re trying to get into a program within a college. If you’re already showing passion and interest in a subject, the admissions department will know you’re serious about their program.

They Could be a Tie Breaker in a Competitive College

A letter of recommendation can serve as a tie breaker against another student. If you have similar extracurricular activities, ACT or SAT grades, and GPA, a letter from a teacher could make the difference.

Every part of your application matters when it comes to a competitive college, even the smaller parts. A strong letter of recommendation is a must-have aspect.

They Expand on Your Personality

You should put a bit of your personality into your essay and application, but you can often only show so much. Letters of recommendation give college admissions a different perspective of you.

The teacher or leader who wrote your letter may give your future college a more well rounded picture of who you really are both in and out of the classroom. Colleges are looking for exceptional students, but they’re also looking for exceptional people.

Letters of Recommendation for College Admissions Are Almost Always Required

Since letters of recommendation for college admissions are almost always required, leaving them out could severely hurt your acceptance chances or even get you disqualified! Always ask your teachers or other leaders in your life for them early, so you can be sure you’re not sending in your admission packet without them.

Letters of recommendation can absolutely provide a boost to your college acceptance chances, even if you’re not trying to get into a very competitive school. They give your future school insight into who you are as a person, both in and outside the classroom.

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