What High School Sophomores Can Do to Prep for College

Sophomores can start prepping for college!

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Early bird gets the worm, early sophomores get the jumpstart on college. Yes, it’s never too early to begin college preparation–and the earlier you start the less you have to worry. Many students believe they don’t have to start their college search process until late junior or early senior year, but that’s simply not the case. If you start as a sophomore (or better yet, as a freshman!) you’ll have a ton more time to do your research, write your essays, fill out applications, and come up with a college-ready high school class schedule.

So what can sophomores do to get ready? Quite a lot, actually. Colleges are recruiting students at younger and younger grades, so it makes sense that you’d want to start readying yourself earlier and earlier, right? Let’s go over a few suggestions on how to prep for college during your sophomore year in high school.


Entrance exams are a big part of the college selection process–not to mention a good score could equate to scholarship qualifications. Typically the ACT / SAT are taken during a student’s junior year, but it might be beneficial to take it even earlier. There are a limited number of testing opportunities per year, so taking the exam(s) sophomore year will give you additional time and chances to improve your score. It’s a good idea to take the ACT or SAT (or both!) exams more than once, as studies show that taking it again tends to lead to improved scores.

College Research

Having a college list is a great guide to follow. Crafting it, however, takes time and research. You have to consider your acceptance odds, the distance from home, the programs they offer, the tuition costs, plan visits, and discover your overall fit at that institution. Just reading that list can be exhausting. Give yourself some cushion time by getting a head start on creating your college list.

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Finding the Best High School Schedule

Colleges love to see academic rigor in a potential student’s schedule. What better way to start prepping for college than by prepping your high school schedule? Talk with your high school counselor about picking the classes that will not only challenge yourself and suit your academic interests, but also impress college admissions officers.

There are many things to consider while prepping for college. Each year of high school is important time to use, so don’t just let it all wait until junior and senior year–then you’ll be twice as stressed cramming all of that work into just two short years (less, really).

If you want a nifty and easy guideline, download College Raptor’s free prep checklist for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.